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Greetings one and all, and welcome to my site. As the unofficial curator of the Enzee World, let me extend an invitation to subscribe and check back here from time to time. I’ll try to keep the blog posts relevant.

Why Storyworld? I’m glad you asked that.

Storytelling is one way we learn new things (a fun way). Often I’ve told stories from the catacombs, things I’ve encountered, people I’ve met — er — confronted. It’s always interesting to share notes, and I appreciate as always, all your feedback.

With IBM’s new Netezza Performance Server flying off the shelves, it’s time to revisit the Underground and give it an update. Some of that will happen here.

The book Netezza Underground (2008 / 2014)  helped normalize our thinking around parallel processing, and I thank all of you for trusting me with your problem solving, troubleshooting, and discussions on best practices.

Netezza Underground was so-titled tongue-in-cheek because it was as though the only things known about it were black-market, so the objective was to lift it from the underground into the light.

Here I’ll do posts and interactions which hopefully will feel more like iron-sharpening-iron than fingers across a chalkboard. Yikes, I shudder…

For some of you who’ve asked, why my own blog site? Well. I have content all over the web, it seems, and this will serve to consolidate. it. My DeveloperWorks Netezza Underground Blog on IBM’s site met the same demise as all their other blogs when they moved to another blogging model. (I will submit there from time to time.) IBM was gracious enough to give me back all the original content of that blog, so I will post here the more important of those essays.

And if there’s a subject matter you would like covered, leave me a note and I’ll work something up.

So, read on, if you so desire, and shoot me a note now and again.

David Birmingham — Twitter @enzeevoice

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